It’s Easy & Affordable for Your Business to Partner with Hotels Etc.

Travel Discounts

Partnering with Hotels Etc. can save your company thousands on business travel and entertainment. Your employees will be able to book hotels for up to 80% off the best online rate.  Whether your executives are traveling or hosting clients, the savings adds up fast. Plus, you can take clients to play golf for up to 80% off or save up to 25% on your rental car expenses. Here’s a interesting thought–schedule your next three day meeting on a cruise and save up to 50% with your meals included! In most cases, companies find that their savings on business travel more than offset the cost of leasing our database.

Employee Benefit

One of the best things about acquiring the Hotels Etc. discount travel and entertainment network for your company is that your employees can use it for business travel and personal travel. This can save them hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a year on hotels, golf, movie tickets, show tickets, rental cars, cruises, vacation rentals, tours, theme parks, zoos, aquariums, safaris, airport transportation, and much more. There are literally over one million discounts available through the Hotels Etc. network. In a sense, providing this inexpensive discount network for your employees is like giving them a significant raise at a rather nominal cost to your company.

Sales Incentives

It is a proven fact that incentives will help you to increase your demo rate by over 30%, and we know that an increased demo rate means more sales. You can purchase our annual Stay, Play & Save cards at low volume prices. Your appointment setters promise a free card with a full year’s worth of benefits just for having a demo presentation.  Then your sales team can offer to upgrade the annual membership to a lifetime membership if the prospect buys today. We also can provide travel certificates that can be used as sales incentives. These travel certificates can be for free airfare, all-inclusive vacations, cruses, and more.

Low Cost

Our low prices are calculated on a per-employee or member basis. For the lease of our database to be cost effective, your company needs to have a minimum of 250 employees or members. For companies with fewer than 250, we can provide annual Stay, Play & Save cards at excellent volume prices. Either way, your savings on business travel will more than offset the cost of acquiring the discount program.

White Label Network

Hotels Etc. offers your company the opportunity to lease our travel and entertainment discount network on an annual basis. It is provided as an unbranded, white label network. Our techs will work with your IT department to integrate it into your password protected intranet or website. It will be customized with your company logo and look like it is your company’s own discount network. Once installed, your employees may access your very own discount program for personal and business travel.

Free Advertising

You can advertise for free to over 4 million Hotels Etc. members worldwide. The only requirement for free inclusion in the Hotels Etc. directory is that your offer must be better than what your business offers to the general public. For example, if you normally offer 10% off, your Hotels Etc. discount might be 15% or 20% off. Although you will miss out on tremendous savings on business travel, you are not required to purchase our discount network to take advantage of free advertising.

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